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Is 0W-20 Motor Oil Suitable for Use in Hot Climates
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Is 0W-20 Motor Oil Suitable for Use in Hot Climates
Okay, I am having trouble believing that 0W-20 oil is thick enough for the Florida heat (in summer). I have a new Tacoma. I have no problem with the 0W part (cold starting) that seems good but 20 weight in the heat of summer does not seem to be enough. Even the manual says if you are towing or going at excessively high speeds, it might be necessary to use a higher viscosity oil. Please help me get to the truth. I do not want to have what I would consider premature wear due to CAFE standards needing to be met, I am all for gas mileage but I am not willing to sacrifice the life of my engine for an extra 146.00 dollars in gas savings over a hundred thousand miles!!!! I will and have always changed my own oil, and Mobil 1 has been my brand ever since I worked at a gas station for my first job as a teenager. But I need some clarification on this 0W-20 weight, I do believe 5W-30 is better suited to the Florida climate, especially when you consider the fact that I tow a boat at least once a week.
-- Gary Gilmore, Panama, FL
Mobil 1 0W-20 is certainly robust enough to handle the climate in Florida, but considering there is additional towing involved, Mobil 1 5W-30 can provide the extra viscosity you may need when towing.
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