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Correct ATF for a Volvo with Stability Traction Control
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Correct ATF for a Volvo with Stability Traction Control
I have a Volvo S60 T5 with front wheel drive automatic transmission with STC. I changed my transmission at 70K miles last October using Mobil ATF 3309 as recommended by as suitable for my car. The transmission was working fine before the change although the fluid was slightly dark. After the change, the transmission does not shift when cold into drive without a delay and going hard into engagement. It does this about 50% of the time when the ambient is above 50°F. Is Mobil ATF 3309 the right fluid for this transmission? Thanks
-- Anthony White, Somers, CT
We assume you have a AW55-50SN or AW50AWD Volvo transmission. IF that is the case then Mobil ATF 3309 is the correct fluid. The AW transmission is manufactured by AISIN-Warner for Volvo. For 2008 Volvo S60s, Mobil 3309 ATF is recommended for all automatic transmissions for this particular model.  
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