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Using the Motor Oil Bottle Markings to Add Less than Quart Amounts
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Using the Motor Oil Bottle Markings to Add Less than Quart Amounts
Hi. I have a 2008 Nissan Versa 1.8SL and I have a question about how to add engine oil to my car. The owner's manual says it takes 4 1/8 quarts. Obviously, the 4 quarts is easy but my question is, "Where on the quart of oil do you stop in order to add 1/8th of a quart?" I'm referring to the units of measurement that you can see on either side of the oil level on the bottle. I might have overfilled it slightly as I added it up to the line that says "24" something. Anyway if you can help me out with this unit of measurement I would greatly appreciate it.  And please let me know if that would or wouldn't damage my engine with how much oil I added recently, thank you!
-- Justin Fuqua, Fredericksburg, VA
Next time, when using the 5-quart bottle, the line to stop at would be the 28-ounce line on a full bottle from the top (32 ounces total minus 4 ounces). You should not have any problems with your engine with the small amount you used. But in general, it is not a good idea to overfill the crankcase past the full line on the dipstick. Watch our oil change video.
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