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Does Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Result in More Engine Wear as Amsoil Claims?
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Does Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Result in More Engine Wear as Amsoil Claims?
Amsoil has recently published a study showing that using Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 5W-30 results in more engine wear than even some conventional 5W-30 motor oils. Can this possibly be true? (It is printed on the back of EVERY bottle of Amsoil's new signature series 0W-30). I was under the impression that the extended performance line offered MORE anti-wear agents, not LESS, than the original formula Mobil 1. What is the truth of this matter? (Please be aware that I am a member of SEVERAL high performance forums (GM, LSX, CORVETTE, GTO, etc.), and that there are MANY members of these various forums that are waiting for the answer to this question. Your reply WILL be posted on all applicable forums, as well as your failure to reply if that is the case.)
-- Edwin Bae, Troy, NY
That is a misleading claim. Some companies use meaningless bench tests to demonstrate superior performance. Although bench testing may be used in industry engine specifications, they are rarely used as the definitive discriminator for actual field performance. This is especially true of four ball testing, flash point, and other simple analytical measurements. The real proof of performance is done with rigorous engine and field testing. These tests are statistically controlled and are more representative of the performance you will see in your own vehicle. The specifications found on bottle labels document that the product has performed satisfactorily on these industry standard tests. Mobil 1™ meets or exceeds those industry specifications. Mobil 1 is also Factory Fill for a wide variety of vehicles. You can also see more on how Mobil 1 Extended Performance performed in Las Vegas taxi fleets.
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