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Clarify Confusion Over Which ATF to Use in Ford Trucks
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Clarify Confusion Over Which ATF to Use in Ford Trucks
Ford specifies Mercon for the automatic transmission in the F-150 Lightning. Also, Ford emphatically states (in bold) in the owner's manual and service manual never to use a transmission oil that meets BOTH Mercon AND Mercon V requirements. On an older bottle of your Mobil 1 ATF I noticed it states meeting the requirements of only Mercon. However, I noticed on your website that you now state it meets the requirements of both. Therefore, according to Ford's statement I should not use Mobil 1 ATF in my truck and consider Mobil ATF D/M or like product instead. Is this correct?
-- Kirk Svalstad, Lake Elsinore, CA
When the Mercon V spec was originally issued, Ford did not want fluids that met both Mercon and Mercon V to be used in vehicles. That is no longer the case.  You can use any of these following products: Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF, Mobil Multi-Vehicle ATF and Mobil ATF D/M.
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