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Ask Mobil Archive -
Cars Driven Infrequently
Are Synthetic Blend Motor Oils Best for Infrequently Driven Cars?
I have 1984 Mercedes 300 SD Diesel auto with 160,000 miles. No blow-by at this time. Is semi-synthetic 15-40 wt. or fully synthetic 15-40 wt. the best way to go? I've been told semi-synthetic is best ...
The best option will always be a fully synthetic oil over a synthetic blend due to its superior protection against deposits and longer engine protection. To find out more about our Mobil 1 fully synth...
Best to Change Motor Oil in the Spring or Fall?
I have a 2007 Corvette and use Mobil 1. I typically change the oil in the spring, drive 3,000 miles during summer and then store it 4 months in winter. Question - would it be better to change the oil ...
We recommend that you continue to do what you are doing. During downtime in the winter, some moisture could be accumulating in the oil and since the car is not used and warmed up it would not be drive...
How to Handle 20,000-Mile Motor Oil Drain Intervals When a Car is Driven Infrequently
Porsche recommends an extremely long drain interval of 20,000 miles for Mobil 1--which is great but since my 2006 911 is a "weekend car" it only gets 5-6,000 miles per year. Should I wait to change th...
We recommend following the drain intervals listed in your owner's manual.  Mobil 1 would satisfy those longer drain intervals as long as the manufacturer makes that suggestion.
Phosphorous Levels of Mobil Conventional Oils
You have a nice table that summarizes the Phosphorus content of all of the Mobil 1 synthetic oils. Please add a page or two to that table that gives the Phosphorus numbers for the regular Mobil oil, s...
In general all the mineral products are formulated to the latest ILSAC /API specifications, so that the typical phosphorus for all these products is 800 ppm. Unfortunately to get the higher levels of ...
How Often Should Engines be Started
I have started collecting cars manufactured from 1980 to 1985. Since it is a collection, I do not run them or start the engine every day but rather just once a week. All my cars are filled with Mobil ...
Using Mobil 1 will provide excellent protection for your classic vehicles and is a great choice.  It will provide an excellent oil film to protect during vehicle idle time. It is important, however, t...
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