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Any Problem Changing the Oil When the Engine is Cold?
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Any Problem Changing the Oil When the Engine is Cold?
I have read that the engine needs to warm up before you do an oil change to make the oil flow better. I never did this. I just let the engine cool off overnight to let the oil settle at the oil pan, then do the oil change in the morning. Logic here is that the old oil is collected at the pan and when you drain, you get most of it, plus it is a cold engine, easier to work with. I also put some oil in the new filter so it will not be a dry start. What is your opinion on this method? Thank You.
-- Alex Garcia, Franklin Lakes, NJ
We think it is best to change the oil when it has been warmed up.  The reasoning being that the oil flows better, and sludge and other deposits are more likely to be removed from the oil pan.
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