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Any Worries About Oil Coking in a Turbocharged Race Engine?
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Any Worries About Oil Coking in a Turbocharged Race Engine?
Hello. I run your 0W-40 in my turbocharged road race engine. Sometimes if I have to shut down hot, I will notice on my data logger later that my turbo oil exit temp hits 250°C! Is this too high? At what temperature should I start to be concerned about oil coking in my turbo? Thanks in advance!
-- Matthew Shemenski, Simi Valley, CA
The temperatures you are seeing are quite high but not surprising. There are a couple of things you can do to protect the turbo from coking. You are already doing the first thing we would recommend which is to use a fully synthetic oil such as Mobil 1™. It will protect better against deposits and resist thermal breakdown than a conventional mineral oil. As you probably already know, Mobil 1 is chosen by leading carmakers precisely because it can protect turbochargers better than conventional and many other synthetic oils. Secondly, you should let the vehicle run for awhile after racing to help cool the oil down a bit. Lastly, you need to be careful you do not overextend oil change intervals under these severe conditions.
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