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Is New Mobil 1 When Installed Clear or Black?
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Is New Mobil 1 When Installed Clear or Black?
I paid extra for my mechanic to put Mobil 1 in my car and I suspect he used conventional oil. A normal oil change was $29.99 but I paid $150.00 for Mobil 1 full synthetic oil to be put in my 2008 VW Eos turbo. I just got it home last night and I have a black puddle in my garage! Not only am I livid that the idiot forgot to put the drain plug back in the car, but I thought Mobil 1 was clear and not black? Please advise...
-- Christie Worden, Grapevine, TX
Assuming the plug is in place, it is not uncommon for the old oil that is being changed to drip on the suspension when the oil filter is removed. Later this oil can run off the engine or suspension and leave a small puddle or some oil drops. That may be what you saw.
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