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Ask Mobil Archive -
Address Reported Spikes in Iron in Used Oil Analysis
Many UOA (used oil analysis) show spikes in Fe (Iron). Why is that? Rumors include chemical reactions to the oil additives and some other claims say that Mobil 1 causes higher than normal wear when in...
Iron particles in used oil are to be expected as the iron in engine components – such as cam shafts, timing chains and gears, piston pins and rings and the cylinder liner – wear down during normal ope...
Rust Protection Provided by Mobil 1
What kind of protection against rust does Mobil 1 have?
Mobil 1 goes through rust protection testing during product development so it is designed to provide excellent rust protection against the moisture in normal engine operation.
Black Oil After 5,000 Miles
I began using Mobil 1 in my 2002 Acura MDX when I got it in 2009 with 109k on it. Have had it changed at 113k and 119k. I took it to my local shop for the last change at 125k. I changed it myself toda...
Motor oils contain detergent and dispersant additives that suspend contaminants and combustion by-products.  This can be the reason why the oil may look dirty or black, meaning the oil is doing its jo...
Solving Oil Foam Under the Filler Cap
I have been using Mobil 1 for the last 5 years in my SUV. For the last year I have been experiencing oil foam under the filler cap. Is there any fix?
Visible foam is an unusual issue. All motor oil comes with anti-foam performance. Are you sure you are seeing foam or is it like a mayonnaise-like consistency which may indicate that you could have a ...
Consequences of Failure to Maintain Motor Oil
What happens when the motor oil is not maintained?
Over time, oil and the additives used in the oil break down and thermally degrade. And because the circulating oil picks up debris and other contaminants of combustion, it must be eventually changed t...
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