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Ask Mobil Archive -
Likely Cause of Excessive Coolant Consumption
Why am I going through a gallon of coolant almost every two days? It's not leaking on the ground anywhere. I put coolant in and then water {just to top it off} in the radiator and I noticed the oil di...
It sounds like you have a cracked head or gasket issue. There are only a few places where coolant can go and seeing a milky color in your oil may be a sign of an issue.
Motor Oil the Consistency of Chocolate Pudding
What would make Mobil 1 synthetic oil turn to the consistency of chocolate pudding?
This can occur with any oil if there is a lot of water or anti-freeze (coolant) added to it along with the byproducts of engine combustion. Also see our answer on how moisture gets into motor oil.
How Does Water Get in Motor Oil?
How does water get in the engine oil? Does it blow past the pistons or valves? Does water in the oil indicate the possibility of a blown head gasket?
Water can get into the oil two ways. You generally don't have to worry about one of the ways if you drive your car enough to burn off the water during normal driving.  This drives off the moisture tha...
Does Oil Suffer if Engine Overheats due to Coolant Loss?
I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX. I lost the coolant and it overheated but I stopped before any harm was done. I have used Mobil 1 from day one and had just had the oil changed. But now it is telling me to ...
Oxidation due to extreme high temperature is one of the biggest enemies of engine oil life. Fortunately you were using Mobil 1™ synthetic when the vehicle overheated. Your oil sensor is probably progr...
Creamy Substance on Dipstick from Rotary Engine
When checking the oil level I found the dipstick had a white creamy like substance on it.  I phoned the dealer who told me this was normal for a rotary engine. I asked if any seals or gaskets had gone...
The only time we see a white, creamy substance is with oil in the presence of excess water.  The white substance is due to the oil forming an emulsion with water.  Have you had to add coolant to your ...
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