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How Often Should Engines be Started
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How Often Should Engines be Started
I have started collecting cars manufactured from 1980 to 1985. Since it is a collection, I do not run them or start the engine every day but rather just once a week. All my cars are filled with Mobil 1. I have been given numerous advice from fellow car-enthusiast that I should at least warm-up my collection for at least 5 minutes a day to keep the engine parts lubricated. I have tried to seek the manufacturers' advice on this but none could give me an answer. How often should I run the engine and for how long each time just to make sure that all the engine parts are constantly lubricated, especially that I live in a very humid area.
-- Charles Quisumbing, Carteret, NJ
Using Mobil 1 will provide excellent protection for your classic vehicles and is a great choice.  It will provide an excellent oil film to protect during vehicle idle time. It is important, however, to drive off residual moisture in your crankcase. As long as you periodically warm up these vehicles to drive off moisture by driving for 20 minutes or so every few months you should have no issues. Daily vehicle running is unnecessary.
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