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Ask Mobil Archive -
Does Motor Oil Turn Acidic with Age?
Does Mobil 1™ become acidic over time? Does normal motor oil become acidic over time?
All engine oils become acidic over time by absorbing the natural by-products of the combustion and oxidation processes in your engine.  The key to outstanding engine oils is their ability to neutraliz...
Straight Answer to Whether Mobil 1 is an Ester Oil
"Many synthetic oils, including Mobil 1, contain a variety of synthetic fluids, and usually this includes esters" did not answer the question! As a new INFINITI G37 sport owner (NISSAN) we want...
Mobil 1 contains Ester.
Has Mobil 1 Lost its Endorsement for the Mercedes-Benz C Class?
I recently purchased a 2005 Mercedes C230 Sport sedan with 6 speed manual transmission. The owner's manual states Mobil 1 as oil of choice. I spoke with a service shop today seeking a local shop to wo...
Mobil 1 (ESP Formula M 5W-40 or 0W-40) remains the recommended oil for gasoline-fueled, Mercedes-Benz cars in the U.S., and you absolutely should continue using Mobil 1.  Regarding your inquiry on for...
Are All Synthetic Motor Oil Brands the Same?
I have two questions. I want to change to synthetic oil.  Are all major brands of synthetics the same? I can't find the change interval for Mobil 1 synthetic. Thanks.
All major synthetic brands are not the same; you can expect formulations to differ from one to another.  We would recommend going with the synthetic motor oil that meets the specifications noted in yo...
Has Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90 Changed?
Has Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90 changed? I've used Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube in my Formula Continental Hewland LD200 racing transaxle for years. Whenever we need to change gears, the old l...
We have not made any changes to the formulation. If you have an oil sample from your next drain we may be able to analyze it and find out what you are seeing. It could be due to a change in a new gear...
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