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Are More Frequent Oil Changes Required in Humid Locations?
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Are More Frequent Oil Changes Required in Humid Locations?
On a previous question regarding the possible need to change Mobil 1 Extended Performance more frequently based on driving conditions, you referenced the results of the Las Vegas taxi test, which suggest more frequent changes would not necessarily be required. Las Vegas is an extremely low humidity climate. If I drive only 6 miles a day, taking a longer trip of 200 miles once a month (no towing) and I live in a climate where humidity is routinely greater than 60%, is there a need to change the oil more often than the prescribed 15,000 miles or annually which ever comes first? Your guidance is appreciated.
-- Mike Blake, Tulsa, OK
Under the circumstances you described, Mobil 1 Extended Performance will still provide the outstanding protection of the Mobil 1 family of products.  You can keep changing the oil every 15,000 miles or once a year.
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