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General Engine Info
Break-in Motor Oil for Small Block Chevy Engine
I am looking for a break-in-oil for my small block Chevy. I have been looking at Royal Purple's break-in-oil and would like to find something less costly and that have most of the quality needed to br...
We recommend you refer to our chart that shows the various levels of antiwear (zddp) in each of our Mobil 1 products.  You’ll see there are various viscosity grades of Mobil 1 with higher levels of an...
Can Synthetic Motor Oil be Used in a Subaru Turbo?
Specific to my 2005 Subaru Legacy Turbo - the dealer discourages use of synthetic oil stating that the variable valve timing, which is oil pressure actuated, is adversely affected. The recommended wei...
There is no issue using Mobil 1 5W-30 for this application. We would add that changing viscosity grades could impact performance of the hydraulics of the variable valve timing, but not simply changing...
Can Transmission Fluid be Used to Replace Motor Oil?
I was told by my mechanic that it wouldn't hurt (that is was even better) to use transmission fluid in place of the oil.  That it was better for the engine, that the motor would run cooler and that th...
We would not recommend using an ATF in your engine. It completely lacks the additives required for today’s modern engines.
Is Burning Motor Oil a Prelude to Engine Failure?
My 1997 Honda Accord is burning oil... does this mean that my engine will die? The local tech guy told me to switch to 20W-50 since the oil is thicker and it won't burn as much. Please, someone help m...
If your vehicle is burning oil it means there's probably a maintenance issue like worn piston rings, bad valve stem seals or other issues. The most important thing to do at this time is to make sure y...
How to Stop Performance Cam Lobe Disintegration
As of today I have lost 3 performance cams due to lobes disintegrating. Two Comp cams and one Chrysler/cam. All were in the street performance range 284 @.050 and 484 lift. On all these I have diligen...
Your best source for information is the camshaft manufacturer. The break-in procedure is dependent on how the camshaft is manufactured, and if and how the camshaft is pre-treated. The number of failur...
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