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Ask Mobil Archive -
General Lubricant Info
Is Adding ATF to Motor Oil Good Advice?
I have seen this advice before, and I have been following it for years. The advice is to add one quart of ATF to the engine oil every change. Would you please tell me if this right or wrong?
Today’s engine oils are specifically formulated to meet the needs of an engine’s complex operating conditions.  Automatic transmission fluids are designed for a completely different piece of hardware ...
What are Friction Modifiers?
Please explain what Friction Modifiers means? Example: Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90. So LS means it has more Friction Modifiers. Does "Friction Modifiers" mean it has more slippery for LSD's ...
Friction modifiers are designed to do what the name implies, they modify friction. In the case of a Limited Slip Differential (LSD), the friction modifiers are designed to modify the friction characte...
Solving Oil Foam Under the Filler Cap
I have been using Mobil 1 for the last 5 years in my SUV. For the last year I have been experiencing oil foam under the filler cap. Is there any fix?
Visible foam is an unusual issue. All motor oil comes with anti-foam performance. Are you sure you are seeing foam or is it like a mayonnaise-like consistency which may indicate that you could have a ...
How is Oil Viscosity Measured?
How is oil viscosity measured?
Viscosity is now commonly reported in centistokes (cSt), measured at either 40°C or 100°C (ASTM Method D445 - Kinematic Viscosity). The centistokes rating is converted into the SAE weight designation ...
Explain the MRV Lab Test for Motor Oil
What does MRV @ -40°C mean?
MRV @-40°C, which stands for Mini-Rotary Viscometer, is a lab test that measures the oil's ability to flow (pumpability) at -40°C. The lower the viscosity grade, the lower the temperature at which the...
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