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Why Switch Motor Oil Viscosity in Different Seasons
My '99 Grand Prix has the 3800 engine which calls for two different viscosity engine oils. 5W-30 when temperatures are below 32° and 10W-30 when temperatures are constantly above 32°. My question to y...
The key difference in these two viscosity grades of Mobil 1 does not necessarily lie in the Pour Point measurement, but with the results of an industry low-temperature viscosity test called the Mini-R...
Can 20-Year-Old Motor Oil Be Used in a New Car?
I have a case of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil stored in my shed for at least 20 years. The rating on the bottle is API SG,SF/CC,CD. Can I still use it on my 2005 Acura EL? Will it damage the engine, se...
No, we do not recommend the use of this oil in your engine because 2005 year model cars need an API SM oil specification.  Additionally, since stored for such a long time, the engine oil may have lost...
Rust Protection Provided by Mobil 1
What kind of protection against rust does Mobil 1 have?
Mobil 1 goes through rust protection testing during product development so it is designed to provide excellent rust protection against the moisture in normal engine operation.
Is Mobil 1 Suitable for Natural Gas Engines?
Is Mobil 1 suitable for natural gas engines?
We could provide a more detailed answer if we had more information as it depends on the type of engine you are referring to. Large stationary natural gas engines are usually lubricated with engine oil...
If Motorcycle Oils Shear Less Are They More Appropriate for a Dodge Sprinter?
In one of your answers you stated, "The second area of concern for motorcycle engine oils is that they tend to shear (breakdown viscosity) more quickly than a typical passenger car. Mobil 1 motorcycle...
It depends on the shear stability of the oil you are using. It also depends on the base oils, the viscosity improver, and the additives used in the oil. Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 motorcycle oil provides b...
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