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Ask Mobil Archive -
General Synthetic Motor Oil Info
Does Motor Oil Turn Acidic with Age?
Does Mobil 1™ become acidic over time? Does normal motor oil become acidic over time?
All engine oils become acidic over time by absorbing the natural by-products of the combustion and oxidation processes in your engine.  The key to outstanding engine oils is their ability to neutraliz...
Respond to Advise Against Using Synthetic Motor Oil in an Older Mercedes-Benz
I own a 1995 Mercedes E420 sedan.  The dealer I bought it from stressed that I should not use synthetic oil. My mechanic has also agreed, no synthetic oil. The reason they both state is: the car is to...
If the engine is in good condition, using a synthetic oil should not be a problem. Mobil 1 advanced full synthetic products will protect and maintain your engine in excellent condition and are proven ...
Is Decline in Fuel Economy Common When Switching to Synthetic Motor Oil?
I changed to synthetic oil and since then, my mileage is continually getting worse. Is this normal with the first change?
When you change oil types it is not unusual to see changes in fuel economy or even oil consumption for the first couple of oil changes. We assume you are comparing the same viscosity. If you are, then...
Are Synthetic Blend Motor Oils Best for Infrequently Driven Cars?
I have 1984 Mercedes 300 SD Diesel auto with 160,000 miles. No blow-by at this time. Is semi-synthetic 15-40 wt. or fully synthetic 15-40 wt. the best way to go? I've been told semi-synthetic is best ...
The best option will always be a fully synthetic oil over a synthetic blend due to its superior protection against deposits and longer engine protection. To find out more about our Mobil 1 fully synth...
Ester Oil and Nissan Engines
I've just purchased a Nissan 2009 370Z, which has a 3.7 liter engine that produces 332 HP @ 7500 RPM's, and has a compression ratio of 11 to 1. I've been advised by the Service Manager at Cronic Nissa...
We have not been able to get much information on the Nissan Ester Oil but our analysis indicates that it is part or full synthetic oil. Many synthetic oils, including Mobil 1, contain a variety of syn...
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