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Ask Mobil Archive -
General Synthetic Motor Oil Info
What Will Happen Switching From Synthetic Motor Oil to Conventional Oil
I have been in the mechanic business for 8 years and was always taught that you cannot go back to conventional oil from synthetic oil. I have seen the damage caused by going back to conventional. Is i...
Synthetic oils will provide better protection than conventional oils, but switching back and forth between full synthetic and conventional oil will not damage the engine. Of course, this depends on th...
Consequences of Failure to Maintain Motor Oil
What happens when the motor oil is not maintained?
Over time, oil and the additives used in the oil break down and thermally degrade. And because the circulating oil picks up debris and other contaminants of combustion, it must be eventually changed t...
Does Valve Train Noise Increase When Synthetic Motor Oil Is Used?
I notice that with synthetic oil I have more valve train noise. I switched back to conventional for a change and the noise was indeed reduced. Is it fair to attribute this change to synthetics vs conv...
If you are comparing the same viscosity, then we would not expect additional noise in the valve train when using a synthetic product.
What is Ester Oil?
What is ester oil and how is it different than conventional oil?
Ester oil is synthetic base oil that has been chemically synthesized. Typically ester oils are used in passenger car air conditioning compressors, refrigerators, and other industrial applications. Est...
Oil Film Strength of Mobil 1 Compared with Royal Purple
Does Mobil 1 have less oil film strength than Royal Purple? I have seen many times the friction test of oils using the machine that test the oil film, test result shows that Royal Purple has more fric...
There are certain oils in the market today that use EP (extreme pressure) additives in their engine oil that are really designed for gear oils and not engine oils. Extreme pressure additives are typic...
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