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Ask Mobil Archive -
Is There a Mobil 1 for Home Generators?
My home generator needs "a high quality detergent oil classified for service SJ or SH." Does Mobil 1 qualify?
Standby applications such as generators are a good application for Mobil 1 motor oil, especially if your generator is located outside and is expected to operate in extreme temperatures. It meets or ex...
Is There a Mobil 1 SAE 30 Oil that Will Handle Generator Requirements?
I have a Generac 20 KW Natural gas generator with a 36 horsepower V-Twin aluminum engine that recommends SAE 30 Oil for protection from 32° to 110°F. According to my manual SAE 10W-30 only protects fr...
We recommend you use Mobil 1 5W-30. It protects well over a wide range of temperatures and outperforms conventional oils.  
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