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Ask Mobil Archive -
High Temperatures
Reducing High Motor Oil Temperatures in a Nissan 370Z
My 2009 Nissan 370Z is running oil temps of 240° to 250°F during normal driving, when air temp exceeds 90°F. Will this damage the engine over time? The dealer uses Mobil oil but a non-synthetic produc...
You can use a premium grade Mobil 1 synthetic oil for this high performance vehicle.  You can see that a number of manufacturers use Mobil 1 as Factory Fill. It will certainly provide a number of perf...
Must 5W-20 be Used in HEMI MDS Engines?
Is 5W-20 still the choice grade for 5.7 HEMI MDS engines under extreme temperatures? The Owner's Manual and related TSBs all state that 5W-20 must be used whereas pre-MDS HEMIs were recommending 5W-30...
We recommend you follow the recommendation in your vehicle's owner's manual. If you are concerned about durability due to higher temperatures, then going to a higher viscosity grade would provide a be...
Any Worries About Oil Coking in a Turbocharged Race Engine?
Hello. I run your 0W-40 in my turbocharged road race engine. Sometimes if I have to shut down hot, I will notice on my data logger later that my turbo oil exit temp hits 250°C! Is this too high? At wh...
The temperatures you are seeing are quite high but not surprising. There are a couple of things you can do to protect the turbo from coking. You are already doing the first thing we would recommend wh...
Does Changing from a Non-Turbo Engine to a Turbo Engine Alter the Oil Viscosity Recommendation?
Hello, I've always been a fan of Mobil 1 fully synthetic but today something really crossed my mind. First off, I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse with around 90k on the motor. The car is originally non-tur...
A turbo does put extra stress on motor oil but it sounds like you made the right choice even before the turbo was installed. That is, you are already using high quality synthetic oil by choosing Mobil...
Does Oil Suffer if Engine Overheats due to Coolant Loss?
I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX. I lost the coolant and it overheated but I stopped before any harm was done. I have used Mobil 1 from day one and had just had the oil changed. But now it is telling me to ...
Oxidation due to extreme high temperature is one of the biggest enemies of engine oil life. Fortunately you were using Mobil 1™ synthetic when the vehicle overheated. Your oil sensor is probably progr...
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