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How to Combat Sludge in a Chrysler Sebring 2.7 V6 Engine
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How to Combat Sludge in a Chrysler Sebring 2.7 V6 Engine
I am worried about sludge build up in my Chrysler Sebring 2.7 V/6 engine. What does Mobil 1 recommend to eliminate the problem?
-- John Talbott, Hermiston, OR
From your question, we cannot be sure if you already have this problem or if you are trying to prevent a problem from developing. If you have been using Mobil 1 and are still developing sludge then we would need to know more about your vehicles’ operation, oil change interval, fuel source, maintenance practices and previous engine issues.
Mobil 1 provides outstanding protection and control of sludge formation. In fact, Mobil 1 may actually clean up a sludged engine along with shortened oil drain and filter intervals. Issues which can cause sludge issues can sometimes be pinpointed by oil analysis. Issues to check include your coolant level since coolant leaking into the crankcase can lead to sludge and oil thickening. So a low coolant level may mean you have a internal cooling system leak. In oil analysis this would show up as positive on a glycol test, or high levels of potassium and/or sodium may be indicated as well. Poor quality fuel can also lead to engine sludge but that is generally less of an issue in the US. There a number of engine issues related to the emission systems, EGR, timing, crankcase ventilation, etc., that can also cause the engine to produce excessive sludge. Lastly, but most importantly, the oil change interval should be consistent with the oil you are using and the type of driving you do.
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