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Is Mobil 1™ Less Likely to Produce Sludge than Valvoline Synthetic?
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Is Mobil 1 Less Likely to Produce Sludge than Valvoline Synthetic?
I used Mobil 1 in my '03 Intrepid 2.7L engine from 7.5k to 97K miles before I gave it to my son. I did this for known sludging problems in the Chrysler 2.7L. I told him he could only have it if he used Mobil 1 all the time. The first time he changed the oil, he went to a place that told him Valvoline synthetic was just as good and he put it in. I told him to not leave it in for more than 2K miles. Is there any proof that Mobil 1 is less likely to produce sludge than Valvoline synthetic? The test results I saw showed a high ash content for Valvoline. Since the car is close to 100K miles and is still whisper quiet, what can I show him so he sees the light?
-- Raymond Kershaw, Wixom, MI
The best evidence for him is your own experience and it sounds like you have had outstanding performance from Mobil 1™. So you might want to show him all the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) that consider Mobil 1 best for their cars and then explain to him that more than 50 percent of all NASCAR teams also use Mobil 1 for their vehicles. Lastly, suggest he watch the Las Vegas field test where we actually tested Mobil 1 in Chryslers with the 2.7 L engine.
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