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Are Chances of Contamination Increased with Longer Change Intervals

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Are Chances of Contamination Increased with Longer Change Intervals
I have always used Mobil 1 synthetic oil, but I would like to know the difference between it and Mobil 1 Extended Performance. Also, I have read that contamination (such as moisture build up from short trip driving) can turn to acid that is hard on bearings, etc. If this is true, how does this factor into today's longer recommended change intervals and do Mobil synthetics offer better protection from oil contamination than standard petroleum-based oils?
-- Bill Kuhns, Windsor, CO
The build up of moisture and incompletely burned fuel is typical of short trip driving and can lead to the formation of acids in the engine oil. In fact, continuous stop and go driving can be relatively severe because the engine oil may not heat up sufficiently to allow these contaminants to boil off. All Mobil 1 technology, including Mobil 1 and Mobil 1 Extended Performance, offers better protection against the build up of contaminants than standard petroleum-based oils because it is formulated using carefully selected performance additives rather than simply based upon a standard additive package. Many of these additives are specifically designed to cope with the build-up of contaminants and to help neutralize harmful acids. Mobil 1 is recommended for the longest drain intervals recommended by the respective OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), while Mobil 1 Extended Performance is guaranteed to protect critical engine parts for up to 15,000 miles.
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