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Can Mobil 1 be Used Long-Term as Manual Transmission Fluid in Hondas?
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Can Mobil 1 be Used Long-Term as Manual Transmission Fluid in Hondas?
All of my Honda owner's manuals permit the temporary use of 10W-30 or 10W-40 motor oil in place of manual transmission fluid, stating only that the continued use of motor oil "may" cause stiffer shifting over time and advising the motor oil "should" be changed "when it is convenient." Since the use of motor oil is permissible, I decided to try Mobil 1 synthetic oil in one of my Honda Civics, and, if anything, it shifts a LOT better. Much smoother. Is there a reason I should not continue to use Mobil 1?
-- Jeff Williams, Columbia, SC
Always follow the recommendation in your owner’s manual. They designed the engine/transmission to operate most efficiently with the specific fluids they recommend.
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