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If Motorcycle Oils Shear Less Are They More Appropriate for a Dodge Sprinter?
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If Motorcycle Oils Shear Less Are They More Appropriate for a Dodge Sprinter?
In one of your answers you stated, "The second area of concern for motorcycle engine oils is that they tend to shear (breakdown viscosity) more quickly than a typical passenger car. Mobil 1 motorcycle oils are designed to provide exceptional protection against viscosity loss." If this is true, would a 20W-50 oil give me better protection in the Dodge Sprinters (diesels)? 2005-2006.
-- Robert Rhodes, Griffith, IN
It depends on the shear stability of the oil you are using. It also depends on the base oils, the viscosity improver, and the additives used in the oil. Mobil 1 V-Twin 20W-50 motorcycle oil provides better shear stability because it is a synthetic oil and requires less viscosity modifier, which, again depending on its chemical structure, can shear down, and the oil can lose viscosity. Synthetic oils also use more stable base oils which are less susceptible to breakdown. We recommend you follow the viscosity recommendation in your owner’s manual and use a high quality synthetic motor oil like Mobil 1.
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