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Motor Oil for Endurance Racing in a Honda Prelude
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Motor Oil for Endurance Racing in a Honda Prelude
I am running a Honda Prelude BB6 with a H22A engine in standard tune in endurance races for 6 and 12 hrs. Honda recommends 10W-30 for standard use.  What oil can I use to run cooler, maximize power and reduce fuel consumption? I'm currently using a 10W-50 fully synthetic oil and it tends to run at 240°F.
-- Simon Batters, Los Angeles, CA
Check the Mobil 1 Racing Store.   It carries Mobil 1 Racing 0W-30 which will deliver extra power and improve oil consumption compared to the 10W-50. Since it is a high-performance synthetic racing oil, it will provide these benefits without sacrificing protection.
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