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Oil for a Pontiac Grand Am GT1
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Oil for a Pontiac Grand Am GT1
I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT1. It's one of 525 that came from the factory with the 75th Anniversary Edition package installed on it. Love the car. But I have had a problem that it seems like a lot of people are having with those 3.4l motors, the intake gasket popped. I am getting ready to redo that, change the plugs and wires, and new water pump. When it gets done, I will run a cheap oil through the motor to make sure I clean it out real good as I have anti-freeze in with my oil now. My question is this. With close to 107,000 miles on the car, is it safe to run synthetic? And if so what kind? I live in Indiana, so below freezing is a problem!! LOL I have always ran Rotella 15W-40 in my cars, ever since high school, but I have always had cars that were a breeze to work on, old Mustangs and Trans Am's. Liked the detergent quality I guess. But with my G.A., I want to make sure it lasts a lot longer than 107,000. What would you recommend?
-- Mark Ray, Frankfort, IN
We recommend you use Mobil 1 10W-30 or Mobil 1 5W-30. Both meet GM4718M, which is the highest lubricant performance specification for GM vehicles.  It is absolutely safe to run a synthetic oil in an older vehicle. In fact in an older vehicle it is even more important so the vehicle life can give even more years of reliable service.
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