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Is Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 More Suited for a BMW in Mild Climates
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Is Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 More Suited for a BMW in Mild Climates
I have a 1995 BMW 525i with 145K miles. We just crossed the country using Mobil 1 15W-50 and used 1/4 quart over the 10,400 miles! For our mild winter in Southern California, I am thinking of using Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 because I like the extra anti-wear additives compared to other Mobil 1 products, especially the high mileage formulas. What do you think? TIA.
-- Peter Lech, Fullerton, CA
Consult your owner's manual for the appropriate BMW specification for your vehicle.  Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 is formulated to handle tough diesel engine environments and carries a number of performance claims related to diesel engines.  Given that your vehicle has accumulated high mileage and is primarily driven in mild climates, we would recommend Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-40.
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