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Oil Change Intervals for a Low-Mileage Mercedes-Benz
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Oil Change Intervals for a Low-Mileage Mercedes-Benz
Mobil 1 0W-40 was installed in my 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 two years ago, and since I've only driven 4,000 miles in that time, the oil has never been changed. The dealer said that the car's computer will dictate when the next service is due. This may be some time in the future. My question is, how long does oil maintain its effective viscosity?  
-- G. Hutch, Carlisle, PA
Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with a Flexible Service System which includes a very sophisticated oil quality monitor. The system looks at driving speeds, cold starts, short-distance trips and other factors that can negatively affect oil life. It also monitors the quality of the oil – particles in suspension and other factors – and it can judge when the oil has deteriorated to the extent that it needs to be replaced. Without this kind of comprehensive analysis – in other words, if you had no way of determining the state of the oil in the crankcase – we would suggest the general rule of changing the oil every year in very low-mileage vehicles.
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