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Ask Mobil Archive -
Oil Change Reminders
Does Oil Suffer if Engine Overheats due to Coolant Loss?
I have a 2004 Cadillac SRX. I lost the coolant and it overheated but I stopped before any harm was done. I have used Mobil 1 from day one and had just had the oil changed. But now it is telling me to ...
Oxidation due to extreme high temperature is one of the biggest enemies of engine oil life. Fortunately you were using Mobil 1™ synthetic when the vehicle overheated. Your oil sensor is probably progr...
Can a BMW Go 19,000 Miles Between Oil Changes?
What about a really long drain period? My 2006 BMW 325 has gone 16,000 miles since the last oil change. I added a quart of Mobil 1 about 2 months ago. The vehicle's service computer is indicating the ...
When your car is under warranty, always follow the owner’s manual or in this case, the oil sensor monitor for oil change intervals.  We are glad to hear Mobil 1 has gone the distance for you.
Is the Calendar or Mileage Most Important to Performing Oil Changes?
I have a 2006 Honda Element that I have had for 10 months. I put Mobil 1 5W-20 synthetic as suggested when I had 2,400 miles back in November 2006. I am now coming to 6,000 miles 6 months later. My ma...
Does your owners manual say 10,000 miles or “x” months whichever comes first? If so you may have to follow the time interval rather than the miles. If this is not part of the recommendation, based on ...
Is it Okay to Ignore the Oil Change Reminder when Using Oils with Extended Drains?
I switched to Mobil 1 extended service oil in my 2002 Silverado and was expecting to extend the service interval. The change oil message came on at about 3,500 miles, the same as the standard oil. Is ...
The oil change sensor in your vehicle is measuring certain operational parameters which, based on the 3,500-mile recommendation, indicates operation under severe service.  The sensor system does not k...
Long Drain Intervals in a BMW
I have a BMW 325iC convertible. BMW recommends oil changes at very long intervals – 15,000 miles using synthetic motor oil. Do you agree that this is adequate for Southern California’s combined stop-a...
The short answer to your question is yes, but keep in mind the responsibilities that you should fulfill. More and more automakers are realizing the advantages of synthetic motor oil, and specifically,...
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