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Ask Mobil Archive -
Oil Drains
Concern that Contaminants Linger Longer with Extended Oil Drain Intervals
I realize these oils are durable and do a good job keeping the engine from sludge. But is it a good idea to keep the contaminants floating around for so many miles?
ExxonMobil does extensive field testing in extremely challenging environments. In the course of this testing we do extensive oil analysis and, at intermediate and at the end of the test, a full engine...
Best to Change Motor Oil in the Spring or Fall?
I have a 2007 Corvette and use Mobil 1. I typically change the oil in the spring, drive 3,000 miles during summer and then store it 4 months in winter. Question - would it be better to change the oil ...
We recommend that you continue to do what you are doing. During downtime in the winter, some moisture could be accumulating in the oil and since the car is not used and warmed up it would not be drive...
How to Handle 20,000-Mile Motor Oil Drain Intervals When a Car is Driven Infrequently
Porsche recommends an extremely long drain interval of 20,000 miles for Mobil 1--which is great but since my 2006 911 is a "weekend car" it only gets 5-6,000 miles per year. Should I wait to change th...
We recommend following the drain intervals listed in your owner's manual.  Mobil 1 would satisfy those longer drain intervals as long as the manufacturer makes that suggestion.
How Far Can Oil Drains be Extended with Mobil 1?
I have a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer that I use for work. I put over 40,000 miles on it per year with all types of driving. I currently change the oil every 3,000 miles using quality mineral oils. I am int...
With Mobil 1 oil you can easily go between 7,500 and 10,000 miles depending on your driving conditions. We recommend that you start increasing the ODI gradually. You are the reason we created Mobil 1 ...
Consequences of Failure to Maintain Motor Oil
What happens when the motor oil is not maintained?
Over time, oil and the additives used in the oil break down and thermally degrade. And because the circulating oil picks up debris and other contaminants of combustion, it must be eventually changed t...
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