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Will Switching to Mobil 1 Improve the Pressure in a Older Pickup?
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Will Switching to Mobil 1 Improve the Pressure in a Older Pickup?
I bought a 1982 GMC S10 with 65,000 actual miles that had been sitting for 9 years. After using Mobil 1, the oil got very dirty very fast. I fear the original owner never changed the oil. (It still had the factory brakes and shocks.) After putting a regular good quality oil in and changing it and the filter several times, the pressure drops to about 5 PSI (cold pressure is about 40 PSI, idle). Letting it sit for a short time usually brings it back a little higher and it stays that way. Should I switch back to Mobil 1 and hope for the best?
-- Bill Weller, Roswell, NM
We would certainly recommend giving Mobil 1 another try.  Mobil 1 is specially formulated with advanced cleaning additives to protect engine parts. It is entirely possible that Mobil 1 was doing what it was designed to do and began loosening some of the previous deposits from the engine. Especially if it had sat idle for nine years.
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