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Which Mobil 1 Oil is Suitable for 2.7 CID Engines in Cargo Vans?
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Which Mobil 1 Oil is Suitable for 2.7 CID Engines in Cargo Vans?
I have 2003 and 2005 Mercedes/Freightliner/Sprinter vans. My understanding is that they do not have particulate filters. I would like to know what Mobil oil is suitable for the 2.7 CID engines in these vehicles. I searched in vain in this area for Mobil 1 ESP Formula M which meets MB 229.51. I'm not sure I need to meet the 229.51 spec. Perhaps the 229.31 spec would offer all the same durability and anti-friction qualities and might be more readily available locally. Could you tell me which Mobil 1 oils (a) meet the minimum requirement for my vehicles, and (b) offer a higher durability and other features that might justify paying a premium price? I have available at no significant price; polyester/fleece oil filters (Mann HU718/5) that are compatible with MB 229.51 spec oil (which is reputed to cause premature failure of paper filters). So I am assuming the 229.51 spec oil will do no harm. Your comments, please. Thanks for your help.
-- Robert Miller, Salt Lake City, Utah
Please check your Sprinter owner's manual to verify the appropriate engine configuration and Mercedes oil quality requirements. Based on the years you have provided above, we would expect you have an engine configuration which would support the use of oils approved against either MB 228.5, MB 229.3, MB 229.5, or their low ASH counterparts MB 228.51, MB 229.31, or MB 229.51. The top quality engine oils offering the best anti-wear performance (as tested in the more sever MB engine tests) and allow extended oil drain intervals are those which are approved against MB 229.5, MB 228.5 or MB 229.51. Mobil 1 0W-40 is approved against MB 229.5.
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