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Impact of Phosphorous Levels in Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil on Catalytic Converters
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Impact of Phosphorous Levels in Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil on Catalytic Converters
Although I've known for some time now that phosphorus was damaging to emissions equipment, specifically the catalytic converter, I just assumed all consumer-level Mobil 1 oils were "safe" until I saw your table showing the high phosphorus levels in Mobil 1 Racing 4T motorcycle oil. What about the catalytic converter in my motorcycle? I've been using 4T for years now and I know BMW and Honda have been using cat's for years (my bike is 8 years old and has one). I have not experienced any problems on my bike, but it is a low-mileage vehicle.
-- Marvin Ng, Manchester, NH
We have no information that the level of phosphorus in Mobil 1 Racing 4T is going to significantly shorten the life of your catalytic converter. Catalyst poisoning from Phosphorus is a well known issue; however, premature poisoning of a motorcycle converter is somewhat rare. In motorcycle applications the higher level of phosphorus to protect against excessive wear in the engine and transmission outweighs the concern for poisoning.
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