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Phosphorous Levels of Mobil Conventional Oils
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Phosphorous Levels of Mobil Conventional Oils
You have a nice table that summarizes the Phosphorus content of all of the Mobil 1 synthetic oils. Please add a page or two to that table that gives the Phosphorus numbers for the regular Mobil oil, such as 5000, 7500, and High Mileage. I have a high mileage classic car that I don't drive very often, so I would rather not put synthetic oil in it. I only drive 1,000 miles or so between oil changes, so synthetic get pretty expensive for not much use. If I were confident that the High Mileage conventional oil had enough ZDDP, I would use it. You only seem to address ZDDP levels in Mobil 1 synthetic oil. Thanks!
-- Jim Cannon, Spring, TX
In general all the mineral products are formulated to the latest ILSAC /API specifications, so that the typical phosphorus for all these products is 800 ppm. Unfortunately to get the higher levels of phosphorus you will have to use one of the products in the table you referenced. The good news is that if you are only driving 1000 miles between oil changes, the 800 ppm phosphorus will provide adequate protection in the older vehicle at this short oil change interval.
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