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Protecting An Infrequently Used Engine
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Protecting An Infrequently Used Engine
I use my Porsche infrequently. Will Mobil 1 drain away from the parts more quickly and therefore potentially leave them "dry" when I re-start the engine. Is there anything I can do to minimize this problem?
-- Mike Hughes, Felixstowe
Any motor oil is going to drain off the internal components of your engine when it is shut off. It is not likely that the components will be completely dry, but after an extended time the amount of oil residue may not provide the necessary protection to avoid rusting and also may not provide enough lubricity for start-up. Mobil 1 will provide maximum protection and will flow much more quickly than conventional oil to all the engine components when the engine is started. We suggest you review with your Porsche dealer how often you should start and drive your vehicle to assure good protection for your vehicle's lubricated components.
We suggest changing your engine oil yearly and doing that change just before the time you will be using your vehicle the most.
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