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Best Oil for Street Legal Drag Car
Dear Mobil 1, I race a 700hp drag car that is street legal. The motor is a 505c.i. BB Mopar with solid lifter cam with .674 lift. I am currently using the Mercedes-Benz SLR spec Mobil 1 5W-50 oil. (9 ...
If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Stay with the product you are using and having good results with. However, if you want to see if you can get a little more power (who doesn’t), we recommend you try Mob...
Any Worries About Oil Coking in a Turbocharged Race Engine?
Hello. I run your 0W-40 in my turbocharged road race engine. Sometimes if I have to shut down hot, I will notice on my data logger later that my turbo oil exit temp hits 250°C! Is this too high? At wh...
The temperatures you are seeing are quite high but not surprising. There are a couple of things you can do to protect the turbo from coking. You are already doing the first thing we would recommend wh...
Any Problem Running Motorcycle Oil in an Older European Race Car?
My older sports car came with 20W-50 from the factory. My mechanic recommends using 20W-50 Mobil 1 (V-Twin Motorcycle Oil) over the 15W-50 Mobil 1. Since this is a pre-catalytic converter era car he p...
The most important difference between a motorcycle formulation and an automotive formulation is that the automotive oils contain friction modifiers for improved fuel economy. Frankly, you are using 50...
Has Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90 Changed?
Has Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube LS 75W-90 changed? I've used Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube in my Formula Continental Hewland LD200 racing transaxle for years. Whenever we need to change gears, the old l...
We have not made any changes to the formulation. If you have an oil sample from your next drain we may be able to analyze it and find out what you are seeing. It could be due to a change in a new gear...
Any Horsepower Loss Using 15W-50 Compared to Mobil 1 10W-30?
If you race a low horsepower class (say 120HP to 140HP) is there a horsepower loss in the 15-50W over the 10-30W? I currently use the Mobil 1 10W-30 but in the summer the temperatures outside get up t...
Yes, horsepower is directly related to viscous drag and the higher the viscosity the more viscous drag. That is why many NASCAR teams are using lower viscosity oils. Oils such as such as 0W-20 and 0W-...
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