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Reducing High Motor Oil Temperatures in a Nissan 370Z
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Reducing High Motor Oil Temperatures in a Nissan 370Z
My 2009 Nissan 370Z is running oil temps of 240° to 250°F during normal driving, when air temp exceeds 90°F. Will this damage the engine over time? The dealer uses Mobil oil but a non-synthetic product. Would using Mobil 1 reduce oil temperatures under these conditions?
-- Arnold Stone, Alpharetta, GA
You can use a premium grade Mobil 1 synthetic oil for this high performance vehicle.  You can see that a number of manufacturers use Mobil 1 as Factory Fill. It will certainly provide a number of performance improvements over conventional oil at high engine operating temperatures. It will, in general, provide outstanding performance and provide the best opportunity to get the life you want out of this vehicle. 
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