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Ask Mobil Archive -
Shelf Life
What's the Shelf Life on Opened Bottles of Mobil 1?
I could not find an exact answer in the FAQs. I did read that Mobil 1 has a maximum shelf life of 5 years for un-opened containers. Is this true also for opened containers? I have a quart of Mobil 1 E...
An 8-month-old oil, even opened, should work well in your engine. As long as the bottle is capped and kept dry, the product is safe to use for up to 5 years. Keeping it cool and dry are the key condit...
Where on the Bottle is the Manufactured Date?
How can I determine the manufacture date of a bottle of your motor oil since your company recommends a shelf life maximum of five years?
A code representing the manufacturing date is laser-printed with every batch on each bottle. If you need to know the manufacturing date of a particular product, please send that number to us and we wi...
Shelf Life of Unopened Mobil 1™ Quarts
Does Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil (in an unopened quart) have any sort of shelf life, like conventional motor oil?
ExxonMobil recommends a five year maximum shelf-life for engine oils, including Mobil 1™ synthetic.
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