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Switching to Synthetic Oil in Higher Mileage Vehicles
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Switching to Synthetic Oil in Higher Mileage Vehicles
Does switching from a petroleum-based oil to a fully synthetic oil on a higher mileage vehicle (75,000 miles) have any harmful effects? I've heard that the synthetic oil, because it is cleaner, may actually loosen some of the build-up from petroleum oil and has the potential of clogging the pump. Is this true or does one simply need to change the filter more frequently for the first few thousand miles after switching? Thanks
-- Michael Ritzke, Appleton, WI
When switching to Mobil 1 in higher mileage vehicles, we recommend an initial short (2,000 to 3,000 miles) oil change, both oil and filter. This will allow Mobil 1 to clean some of the engine deposits that have accumulated over time.  Following this initial short oil change, continue with your normal oil change interval.
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