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Pros and Cons of Putting Synthetic Motor Oil in a Ford Model A
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Pros and Cons of Putting Synthetic Motor Oil in a Ford Model A
I have an antique 1929 Model A Ford. I'm trying to be as nice as I can to the old girl. Would there be any advantage or disadvantages to using a synthetic motor oil in this vehicle? Right now I am using conventional 10W-30 with a can of STP per oil change.
-- Wayne Askew, Salt Lake City, UT
We assume this is a relatively low mile vehicle. As such using full synthetic oil may not be cost effective. As you already know, there are many advantages to using Mobil 1 in a vehicle but we are not sure many would be top of the list for your vehicle.  We think there are still some good reasons for using a synthetic, including better high temperature viscometrics, by using Mobil 1 15W-50 in place of your current conventional oil plus an oil additive. Use of an oil additive can lead to higher levels of piston deposits and by using Mobil 1 you will minimize these deposits and also possibly clean up any sludge deposits.   
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