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Ask Mobil Archive -
Does Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Result in More Engine Wear as Amsoil Claims?
Amsoil has recently published a study showing that using Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 5W-30 results in more engine wear than even some conventional 5W-30 motor oils. Can this possibly be true? (It is...
That is a misleading claim. Some companies use meaningless bench tests to demonstrate superior performance. Although bench testing may be used in industry engine specifications, they are rarely used a...
Are More Frequent Oil Changes Required in Humid Locations?
On a previous question regarding the possible need to change Mobil 1 Extended Performance more frequently based on driving conditions, you referenced the results of the Las Vegas taxi test, which sugg...
Under the circumstances you described, Mobil 1 Extended Performance will still provide the outstanding protection of the Mobil 1 family of products.  You can keep changing the oil every 15,000 miles o...
Understanding Viscosity Ratings
We had our engine oil analyzed.  It came back with a viscosity rating of 7.4 @ 100°C. What does that mean? Is it Mobil Delvac 1 and 5W-40?
All we can tell from this limited information is that these viscometrics are not consistent with 5W-40 oil. So it is doubtful it is Mobil Delvac 1. The viscosity is consistent with a SAE 20 grade oil.
Response to Claims that Products Contain 'Mostly Mineral Oil'
I've seen claims of gas chromatograph analysis of Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 5W-30 SM dated 10-06 that state it is "mostly mineral oil". Realizing that you cannot divulge your exact formulations, w...
Just like other companies, we do not discuss our product formulations for obvious proprietary reasons. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance is formulated using a combination of high performance fluids includ...
Response to Amsoil Competitive Claims
What is your position/response to the 4 ball wear test Amsoil states on their website? Do you agree with the test results or are there other test results you could point me to. Thanks
The 4-ball wear test is a test designed to evaluate the performance of a gear oil. The 4-ball wear test is not included as a part of any industry-wide recognized engine oil specifications (e.g. ILSAC ...
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