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Ask Mobil Archive -
Does a New Toyota Camry Have to Break In on Conventional Oil?
Hi, We have just purchased a 2009 Camry LE 2.4L. We were told to not run a synthetic oil until we have about 12,000 miles on the vehicle.  Does this sound reasonable? So I am looking to use Mobil Clea...
No, you can start using Mobil 1 0W-20 Advanced Fuel Economy right now and get better fuel economy than using a higher viscosity grade motor oil while getting the outstanding protection only a syntheti...
Will Switching to 0W-40 be Better for a Toyota Tacoma in a Hot Climate?
My 2005 Tacoma has a little over 60,000 miles now. It has some "cold start knock" - piston slap, that so many recent engines have. Once warmed up, it only has a faint bit of slap at idle. I have been ...
A 40 grade (0W-40) would provide some relief but your engine does not see this viscosity until it has warmed up. Since it appears to be only an issue during warm-up, you may want to try Mobil 1 15W-50...
Will Mobil 1 High Mileage Provide Benefits Compared to Conventional High Mileage Oil?
My Celica has a leaking problem, but not too serious, I am using conventional high mileage oil for my car, which is pretty good. I saw Mobil 1 has the new product Mobil 1 High Mileage 10W-30. Is it be...
We recommend switching to Mobil 1 High Mileage if conventional oil has been used in your engine.  Mobil 1 High Mileage contains seal swell that will help eliminate leakage.
Judging Viscosity Ranges of Multi-Grade Oils
What span of viscosity is safe to use? I have a 1991 Toyota MR2 and found this quote on an MR2 association's web site: "Multi-viscosity oils are one of the great improvements in oils, but they should ...
A little bit of science and a few widely distributed myths can easily end up in "never" and "always" statements. First, to give the MR2 Web site its due, note the disclaimer "synthetics excluded" (and...
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