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Ask Mobil Archive -
How do I Know if I Need Transmission Fluid?
How do I know if I need transmission fluid?
The best place to find the answer to your question is your owner’s manual. The answer depends on your vehicle. Some new vehicles have factory-sealed systems and there is no way to check the transmissi...
Side Effects of Having Had Engine Oil in a Transmission
The technician inadvertently put engine oil in my transmission. He said he hadn't run the engine...he then drained it out, changed the filter and replaced it with transmission fluid. He assured me thi...
Assuming it wasn’t run and ALL the remaining fluid was flushed out, it should not have any impact on the transmission performance. You may want to consider another drain and a complete flush just as a...
ATF Replacement for Older Corvettes
Hi. I am the owner of a 1994 lt1 6-speed Corvette. I'm also a member of a very large Corvette forum. We in the C4 (84-96) Corvette community have a rather large issue involving the fluid in our 6-spee...
Sorry, but we do not have a product for this very specific application.
Is There a Gear Lube Specific to GL-4?
My vehicle is a 1992 Nissan 300zx and requires a single GL4 gear oil in the manual 5-speed synchromesh tranny. Does Mobil make a synthetic gear lube that is a specific GL4? I read on the label of some...
API GL-5 gear oils can be acceptable for differentials but generally are not recommended for transmissions because a GL-5 gear oil has twice as much Extreme Pressure additive for GL-5 quality gear pro...
Does Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF Meet the Requirements for ZF Transmissions?
I have found out that Mobil is recommending the Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF as a replacement for the Esso LT 71141 ATF used in BMW transmissions. I have a 1998 BMW 750iL with a ZF 5HP30 transmission, does M...
No. We do not guarantee that the product meets all the requirements of ZF transmissions, which are very extensive depending on the transmission type/model year.  ExxonMobil does say that this product ...
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