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 Does Changing from a Non-Turbo Engine to a Turbo Engine Alter the Oil Viscosity Recommendation?
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Does Changing from a Non-Turbo Engine to a Turbo Engine Alter the Oil Viscosity Recommendation?
Hello, I've always been a fan of Mobil 1 fully synthetic but today something really crossed my mind. First off, I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse with around 90k on the motor. The car is originally non-turbo and is now turbo. The concern is that I live in Phoenix, Arizona and temps get as high as 119°F. My owner's manual recommends I use 10W-30 but since it's turbo and insanely hot is that such a good idea or should I go with something like 5W-50? Thanks for any input on this.
-- Joel Brewer, Phoenix, AZ
A turbo does put extra stress on motor oil but it sounds like you made the right choice even before the turbo was installed. That is, you are already using high quality synthetic oil by choosing Mobil 1. The use of turbo can increase the need for better deposit control and better protection from oxidative breakdown which are two of the primary benefits of using Mobil 1 synthetic.  We do not see any reason to change your current viscosity grade unless you are consuming oil. In this case you may want to consider Mobil 1 15W-50.   
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