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Ask Mobil Archive -
Water in Oil
What Causes Moisture on the Oil Fill Cap?
Moisture under the oil filler cap; there are drops but it’s not creamy looking. This is from a 5.7 Dodge Ram 4x4 and my neighbor has the same engine in his truck with the same problem. Another friend ...
Without more detailed knowledge of your situation and vehicle operation, the most likely cause for this condensation is air humidity, which then condenses under the fill cap.  Water may be making its ...
Does Water Pump Failure Get Water in the Oil?
If the water pump goes out can water get into the oil? What can happen? If it has been 2-3 weeks since this may have happened.  Is it too late for an oil change?
It depends on the how the water pump failed. If you were riding down the highway and lost all your coolant because of the failure, then you may have caused other engine issues such as warping or crack...
Motor Oil the Consistency of Chocolate Pudding
What would make Mobil 1 synthetic oil turn to the consistency of chocolate pudding?
This can occur with any oil if there is a lot of water or anti-freeze (coolant) added to it along with the byproducts of engine combustion. Also see our answer on how moisture gets into motor oil.
How Does Water Get in Motor Oil?
How does water get in the engine oil? Does it blow past the pistons or valves? Does water in the oil indicate the possibility of a blown head gasket?
Water can get into the oil two ways. You generally don't have to worry about one of the ways if you drive your car enough to burn off the water during normal driving.  This drives off the moisture tha...
Getting Water Out of Motor Oil
I forgot to put the oil cap on and water got in the engine. How can I fix it or get the water out?
It depends on how much water is in the system. Minor amounts of water will be driven off if the vehicle is operated at sustained high operating temperatures. But if there is excess water in the fluid,...
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