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What Happens to the Engine Sludge and Deposits Removed by Using Mobil 1?
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What Happens to the Engine Sludge and Deposits Removed by Using Mobil 1?
I read your posting on switching high mileage vehicles to Mobil 1 and you mentioned that by doing so that would help remove the engine sludge and other deposits that accumulate over time. My question is: What happens to this accumulation and sludge? I would expect it would be displaced somewhere else within the engine and in a larger quantity that could be even more harmful.
-- Isaac Brazil, Santa, NM
Mobil 1 High Mileage will help to clean up sludge and other deposits by carrying it in suspension. Mobil 1 is formulated with a strong detergent/dispersant additive system, which disperses and agglomerates the deposits, and carries it in the oil where it can be dropped off into the filter if the deposits are large enough or continues to circulate in the oil until the oil is changed. This is why we recommend shorter oil and filter change for a dirty/poorly maintained engine for the initial Mobil 1 oil changes.  
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