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Will Mobil 1 Cause Coking Deposits in Older Porsches to Loosen?
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Will Mobil 1 Cause Coking Deposits in Older Porsches to Loosen?
Many of the older air-cooled turbocharged Porsche 930 engines have some coking from using the approved oils available 20 years ago. I've read website postings that putting these engines on your Mobil 1 now will somehow break these deposits loose so stay clear of your synthetic. Is there any basis in fact this can happen?
-- Martyn Richey, Chesterfield, IN
Mobil 1 is a strong product and has demonstrated clean-up of deposits in certain applications but in most cases clean-up is most evident in the reducing of sludge and other softer deposits. In general coking type deposits are extremely difficult to remove and generally require mechanical methods to remove. There are certainly many benefits for using a synthetic oil and Mobil 1 in particular. Mobil 1 will help to control future coking because of its outstanding deposit control. It will also provide better low and high temperature performance which will provide engine protection when you need it the most.
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