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Ask Mobil Archive -
What to Use for Camshaft Break-in
I am an engine parts wholesaler and my customers are having trouble with camshaft break-in now that the zinc has been removed from the motor oil. I've been selling EOS & comp cams break-in lube but th...
We have a number of products with higher levels of phosphorus. Please refer to the attached table listing the phosphorous levels in our motor oils.
Can Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck be Used in a High Compression Car?
I was wondering if Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W-40 is safe to run in a standard American unleaded fuel only V6 DOHC high compression car? 5W-30 does not cut it for my needs and I want to use 5W-40 FU...
Mobil 1 Turbo Diesel Truck is an outstanding synthetic oil that can be used in gasoline passenger cars since it carries API SN credentials, so we would not have any concerns about performance. Diesel ...
Correct Oil for Older Engines with Mechanical Pushrods
Do you have an oil for a 1967 Austin-Healey that has the correct additives for older engines with mechanical pushrod and such?
Yes, Mobil 1 15W-50 should provide excellent performance for your vehicle. It has boosted antiwear (ZDDP) to help better protect the push rod / sliding cam valve train. The higher viscosity is also ap...
Using Synthetic Oil with Non Roller Bearing Type Tappets
I've been advised to not use any synthetic oil for my rebuilt '64 T-Bird's 390 engine because the tappets are not roller-bearing types. It doesn't seem right with all your higher specs. Can I?
There have been some concerns voiced by bloggers that the new GF-5 oils which have a reduced ZDDP level to protect catalytic converters have caused problems in high performance race engines with slidi...
Has Zinc Been Removed from Motor Oils?
I am having thrust bearing failure in a 4.6 modified performance engine. This is a street/strip engine. Many of my friends are having the same problem. I think it is the result of the removal of zinc ...
The active ingredient that you are talking about is phosphorus which is added through a component called ZDDP. For products that meet the new ILSAC GF-5 specification the phosphorus levels for the oil...
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